Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November, November!

Wow seems like October was here and gone so fast!! My step kids made out like bandits this Halloween! I think they probably trick or treated 10+ pounds of candy! WOW! The Harvest Party at Calvary  Chapel was a blast as well! I did the face painting while my wonderful husband was security. So many cute costumes and funny faces to paint! Also, so many sick kids! I thought I was using enough hand sanitizer but I was wrong! I have been sick since last Tuesday, November 1st, with viral bronchitis.I am much better now, just a lingering lung rattling cough. Ugh!

A couple weeks ago I was asked to make some cookies for a charity fundraiser auction for Meals on Wheels by a local group called, Newcomers of Idaho Falls! I was so happy and gladly accepted! I have been working up a design for the cookies. I think I will be going with the MOWAA stars for one cookies, a fork, spoon, and plat cookie, a server's platter thing on wheels cookie, and a circle or square cookie with Meals on Wheels written on it. Colours will be White, Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, and silver if I can get my hands on some disco dust. It will be so much fun and a challenge! :)

On November 23, Calvary Chapel (the church my hubby and I go to), will be having a Night of Worship and they want people to bring goodies! I am more than happy to being goodies!! I was thinking why not make a cookie with the beautiful dove design that is in the Sanctuary. It is a hard design but I think I can handle it. I will be going with circle cookies, white background, orange or purple dot around the border, the dove in the center and for some of the other cookies I will be putting bible references such as John3:16. I love Calvary Chapel of Idaho Falls. The pastors are wonderful, the worship band is rockin`, the staff is amazing, and just all the all around atmosphere there and of the people are just....awesome. I love it there. 
The Calvary dove I plan on using on the cookies. :)

My very first order went over great! The lady that ordered them for her anniversary loved them. Her husband even asked her if she bought the truffles from a local candy shop because he thought they looked so professional! I was awe struck by that! The local candy shop's chocolates look fabulous and much better than mine!! I am so happy the truffles turned out just right. I new have a new order to fill for another one of my husband's co-workers for her birthday this month! I am ecstatic!She has even challenged me to make Pumpkin Pie truffles and Eggnog truffles! Fun fun fun!

Speaking of birthday's, my youngest step-son, Johnny, will be turning 5 years old this month on the 27th! Wow! I remember when my husband and I first got together he was only 2 and still in diapers! How times flies! I plan on trying to make some Toy Story themed cookies. Oh man...should be an epic challenge! I love my kids! :)

Thanksgiving seems to be getting steamrolled by Christmas this year....anyone else think so? Tom Turkey can barely get a gobble gobble out before Santa bellows out a HO HO HO! I mean you can not walk into any store and not see Christmas things or not hear holiday music! Pretty soon we well be starting Christmas festivities in August! Yikes! 

I am a bit of a Grinch when it comes to the holidays. But where I now have a hobby and talent to show off and perhaps profit from, I am not as green, my heart is not so small, nor do I want to snarl! I am excited to create beautiful holiday cookies for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years,as well as my niece's 14th birthday. She was born on the same day I was! Pretty neat! So much to do!

OH I now I have a brand new, shiny, barely out of the box Twitter account!! Awesome right? 
C3 Bakery Twitter Check out my Twitter page, follow me, and leave me a comment! :)

I hope evryone is staying warm and safe!

God Bless


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