About Me

A little bit about me! Well this is my little bakery I am starting up! I decorate cookies, make tasty chocolates such as truffles, and dabble in candy making such as lollipops and caramel. Any questions? Hah!

Okay, lets get down to the basics, my name is Charli Hess. No, Charli is not short for anything, though people want to think so. And it is pronounced {Char-LEE}.

I live in windy weird weather Idaho, in the little city of Idaho Falls. That it is right...I live in the...POTATO STATE. Got starch?

I am married to the GREATEST man on planet Earth, Josh. I kinda` love him. 

I have two cutest little boys that are my step sons. They are just a hoot. Jake, loves Disney Cars and is 5 years old. John, loves Toy Story and Zombies, and is 4 years old.

Zombies you say? I got him hooked on them in 2010 because we were a Zombie family for Halloween. Heh!
The Family
We have a cat named Boaz. Yes....Boaz is his name-o. Means fast a horse and it is also from the Bible. This cat, I swear can go to Mach 615 in 0.000000001 seconds. He is sandy orange and white with "leopard" like spots and stripes ONLY on his tail. He comes with an ego and a trouble maker attitude.

I am a Saved woman! My husband is a Saved man as well. We are a happy Christian couple! We love God, His Love, and His Word! If I am not at home doing cookie researching, Pinterest, or blogging, I am at our wonderful church, Calvary Chapel of Idaho Falls. Both of us are Helpers for Awana, I attend a special women's group to help let go of past anger, and we just love going to the different events and fellowship! God is good.

My two personal favourite verses:
Jeremiah 29:11
Psalms 119:105

I am addicted to cooking blogs, Pinterest, and a few online games. So bad!

Favourite foods are chocolate (duh), my famous Chicken enchiladas, sushi, and twice baked potatoes. I love to try new foods and I will try anything once. Even if it is probably gross.

Least favourite foods: Peas, Limburger and Blue Cheese, Pork, and Corn. Yucky.

I spell colour and favourite with a "u". Have for a long time. Do not really know why either.

I don't care if I become famous someday via cookies, I just want to share my goodies with the world. You can't go wrong with sugar.

Now about my bakery.

The whole idea was mulling about in my head for some time, I just did not know how to go about starting something like this. One day while at my mom's, she talked about starting a business making goodies, like breads, fudge, and so on, but she was not sure about marketing. I listed off the many ways of marketing a business, unknowingly, I was answering my inner question about what to do and how to start. I went home, slept on the idea another night, ran it past my husband, and TA-DA C3 Bakery was born!

What exactly does C3 stand for?

C3 stands for Cookies, Chocolates, and Candy. 

My husband came up with the name, the logo,and some of my clientele. Pretty awesome right? Gosh, I sure do love him

I hope this did not bore anyone to death, but if you are still here, thank you for reading!

You can contact me at C3.Bakery@live.com. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

God Bless