Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Peanut Butter Truffles and My FIRST order!

The Truffle. No, not the overly pricey mushroom pigs find in the dirt of far off countries. I am talking about the chocolate kind! I had never made a truffle or anything dipped in chocolate before until about 3 weeks ago. Wow! What a fun and interesting new experience that was! 

My first try at truffle making was White Chocolate Oreo Truffles from a recipe I found on Bakerella. Oh yummy!! They were gone in no time! As I said this was my first time making anything like this before although this was not my first time working with chocolate. A lot of people at my husband's work loved them. Also someone suggested I try to make peanut butter truffles. 

Okay! Sounded like fun, then I remembered from my childhood other people making peanut butter cups or truffles. I always had  the fear of having an overkill taste of powdered sugar. I am not a big fan of powdered sugar in the first place. So with that in mind I found and tweaked a recipe that was not going to taste like you just ate a spoon full of peanut buttery powdered sugar. 

My husband and I were watching Eureka in the living room when I decided to try to make the truffles. I decided I wanted to watch the show still while making the balls and dipping them. So we moved the kitchen table into the living room. It was funny!

Side topic:
Have you heard of or ever watched Eureka? It is on Sci-Fi and on Netflix. It is a funny nerdy show we love! Netflix has seasons 1 through 3. Total bummer since there is a 4th season and we wanted to watch it.

Alright back to the truffles. I made the balls, chilled them, melted my chocolate, and dipped! I was having a problem with having too much of footing on the truffles after dipping. So frustrating!!! Argh! I tried everything from a spoon, fork, to a toothpick; the toothpick was the only thing that worked well enough to get the ball dipped and set on the parchment paper. With a little trial and error I figured out how to get just a little footing. I guess that is why MOST chocolates and such are in little cups.

Once the peanut butter balls were dipped, I melted some white chocolate to drizzle over the tops. They looked great! I was very pleased because.....they tasted 10 times better than a Reese's! None of that choking taste of powdered sugar either! Yuuuuummmmmy!

So fast forward a week later, Monday, October 24th, and my hubby calls from work with some exciting news. One of his co-workers wanted to order two dozen for her anniversary on the 1st of next month. Apparently her husband loves my truffles more than Reese's and this man knows his Reese's! I about squealed from pure delight! I did pat myself on the back though. MY FIRST ORDER!! Holy cow I am excited and ready to make some truffles!

Oh yes....anyone know what makes something a bite, a ball, or a truffle? I am curious to know why some things are called one name and others, another name.Also, anyone have any tips or tricks on how to avoid a ton of footing on the bottom or your chocolate covered things like truffles or cake pops?

Thank a million for sharing and reading!


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